The Soviets used to have 1700 warheads in Ukraine with bombers and silos. When the USSR collapsed, we paid Ukraine to get rid of them. Since then, some Ukrainian leaders have said it was a mistake to get rid of the nukes. “Countries with nuclear weapons don’t get invaded.”


Ukraine was a Soviet Socialist Republic since 1922. Putin wants to get the band back together.

Ukraine has several major strategic minerals.

See that river in the middle? Whoever owns Ukraine will have a naturally defensible edge. If Ukraine leans US, Russia will have no naturally defensive line on their south.

In 2014, the people, assisted by the USA, tossed the pro-Putin gov’t out. So Putin was slapped in the face. He needs it back.


The dictator, Yanukovych, paid Paul Manafort $12 million over time for “advice.” After Y was run out of town—guns blazing—Manafort showed up working for Trump’s campaign, for no pay, despite owing Russians many millions.

Thought you oughta know.

Answer to Why is Putin (and Russia) so interested in Ukraine? by Michael Alapaki here: