“nothing is more important” in Cuban than the need for “free, pluralistic, democratic and fair elections.” And that “electing capable men and women, with a vision of the State, has never had more relevance” in Cuba.

The Council also notes that among the more than 5,000 detained during the protests are José Daniel Ferrer, leader of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (Unpacu) and president of the CTDC, as well as his son José Daniel Ferrer Cantillo and government opponents Guillermo Fariñas and Félix Navarro Rodríguez. In addition, they mention the imprisonment of reporters Camila Acosta and Henry Constantín.

“With these arrests they intend to protect themselves with charges for the alleged crimes of public disorder, which fulfills the political purpose of twisting the surprising peaceful, civil and political nature of the demonstrations in more than 50 cities and towns in Cuba,” says the statement.

The Council called for the “immediate release” of all those imprisoned and announced the creation of a support network for their families “in order to seek legal advice and national and international visibility.”

“Families and citizens who want to publicize cases and seek legal protection can contact the Council through: consejotransicion11j@gmail.com or WhatsApp + 5354485695 / +34639338982″, details the text, while requesting international solidarity with the protesters of July 11.