When the children passed an old house on their way home from school, they were always rubbing their sticks on the balcony railing and enjoying the sound. The older owner, who had been bothered by the noise for a long time, had a really good idea instead of scolding the kids.

He called the children over to him: «Children, the noise you make sounds very nice, I’ll give you a pound a day if you keep going like this.» So he gave the kids a pound a day.

In the second week he called the children over again: «Children, my money is scarce, I can only give you fifty pence, not a pound.»

Now three weeks had passed and the old man called the children over to him for the last time: «Children, unfortunately I have no money, so I can’t give you any more.» The children: «No money, no noise» and so they stopped rubbing the sticks on the balcony railing.

(Author unknown)